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DarkerIRC is a small chat application you can put on your website, allowing you to communicate with the visitors of your website. It can be used for online communities allowing their members to communicate realtime.
It currently has:

N 06/11/2007: New Release: 1.4
This release adds support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. IE7 no longer requires the workaround for plugin detection IE6 required. Thanks to Kees van Hoekelen for pointing out the bug.
N 07/02/2006: New Release: 1.3
This bugfix release fixes issues with Quakenet channels, where the chatters not always are receiving messages in the channel window. The number of people that signed up for a free InstantChat is rising steadily! Of course, you can still let me know where you use darkerirc, and what you think of it!
N 07/02/2006: New Release: 1.2
Together with the new InstantChat feature, I released a new version, which finally includes the 'Simple Mode'. This mode means that your users require even less knowledge from IRC or chatting in general! It automatically connects (and asks for a nickname if you configged no nickname) and joins the configured channel. Please tell me what you think of it!
N 07/01/2005: New Release: 1.1
Due to more recent changes (new company -, development time has been short. However, regarding the recent loss of support for Quakenet, and the increasing requests for this, I decided to releas this anyway. There remain various ideas on how to improve this program, but the time is as stated earlier short. Motivation can be bought, in this case. If you're willing to help, feel free to click any of the banners on top of this page, and buy those company's products. Thanks for using darkerirc! ps - Please, *please* notify me if you're using this program! :)
N 13/05/2004: New Release: 1.1pre1
Finally came around to putting everything together and release the new version containing several much-requested features like clickable url support, valid bold/underline handling and some small bugfixes. Other earlier mentioned features are still underway, consider this an in-between release.
N 25/12/2003: Still alive #2
The past months have been hectic as I started a company, together with a friend. We're XIDC ( and can take care of most of your software development projects. Meanwhile, this project will be under development. A release is not yet doable, as my standards to the 1.0 release have become higher. Next release-date is unknown. *starts working*
N 06/04/2003: Still alive
This project (and myself) are still alive. The 1.0 release is currently nearly done, and does not include the features listed in the TODO list, but is the first stable release. Those features (nick completion, sound, color input, integrated services support) will be worked on in future releases. Expect an 1.0 release this week.
N 29/05/2002: Release: 1.0-pre5
We made it. Everything mentioned before is now included. The binary release now contains two binaries: a signed one and a clean one. The signed one is used by default, though I Recommend using the unsigned one or signing it yourself. For certificates, look at
N 28/05/2002: New release coming up
Contains: Colours, Emoticons, a signed version to work around the connect restrictions. (ie: place the applet everywhere you want and make it connect to every network you want, jay!)
N 10/05/2002: Mailinglists
The long-awaited mailinglists have arrived! Thanks the friendly and helpfull (not to mention FAST) services of SourceForge they're ready for use now:
N 09/05/2002: Release: 1.0-pre3
Includes many requested features and configures everything through an external .config file (instead of using the <param> tags)
N 23/04/2002: Release: 1.0-pre2
A much more workable version, almost ready for a 1.0 release. It is supposed to be bug free, though, if you happen to find any, please report.
N 27/03/2002: Demo site
Are you running DarkerIRC on your site? Mail me the url and it will be published on this page.

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This program was written by Pieter Jansen and has been released under the GPL license
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